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Q: How can I sign up?

A: Please fill the registration form. You can login as a registered user, after your request is approved.

Q: What are the benefits of the registration?

A: After signing up, you can see:

                                              - all product types

                                              - the actual stock

                                              - your previous orders, delivery notes and invoices

                                              - your account

                                              - your actual balance

    You also can ask quotations and place orders.

Q: How can I get help, if I cannot do something in the webpage?

A: See contact information below. You can find the nearest sales representative in the Location/Map menu. Here, you also can find contact information.

Q: How can I reach a sales representative?

A: In the Location/Map menu you can see where the nearest sales representative is. Here you can see contact information (e-mail, cell number).

Q: How can I send messages (claims)?

A: Please fill the form in the "Send a message" menu. If you have claims, please choose it from the menu. We contact you as soon as we get your message.

Q: What is the most efficient way to find articles?

A: If you start to write the article number in the "Search" field and after some charaters you hit "Enter", you can see all relevant products, starting with similar charaters you have written.

Q: What can I do, if I forget my password?

A: You can ask a new one to send a message.

Q: How can I test products?

A: Please call our sales representative. He visits you willingly, and helps to find the best choice.

Q: When can I reach your headquarter?

A: Monday - Friday between 8:00 - 16:00.

Q: How often do you have delivery?

A: Every day, at 14:00.

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